Friday, November 17th

Science 9F – Students are asked to please have the classification activity completed for Monday.  We will be moving into dichotomous keys and learning how to read one/construct one on our own in order to identify objects.

Science 9G – Students are asked to have smiley faces, Norms and Aliens dichotomous keys completed for Monday’s class.  We will be moving into constructing our own dichotomous key in order to identify different objects.

Please see the science page for slideshow notes and activities.


Wednesday, November 8th

Science 9G and 9F – Students worked on their Levels of Organization Assignment.  Both classes will have time to work on their assignments tomorrow. Please note the due date change – Monday, November 13th. Assignment outline can be found on my google classroom site or below.  Good luck!

Levels of Organization Illustration Activity 2014_web



Tuesday, November 7th

Science 9F and 9G – Students took notes and discussed Levels of Organization within Systems.  Students were given an assignment – Levels of Organization within an Ecosystem on Google Classroom. I ask that you refer to the outline given when completing the assignment. You will have tomorrow and Thursday to work on your assignment.  It is due Friday, November 10th.

Wednesday, Oct. 25th

Science 9F – Students finished notes on Systems and Components.  They were given a worksheet and crossword to complete for homework this evening. Next class we will be reviewing our reading activity from the other day and the answers to the worksheet from today.  I will have a full test review and review questions for students to prepare for their test on October 31st.

Tuesday, October 24th

Science 9G and 9F – Today the students focused on Systems and Components slideshow.  We took notes and talked about examples. Students generated excellent discussion. Tomorrow we will continue the slideshow and complete questions to increase further understanding of the material. Students are preparing for a quiz in the near future. (Friday or Monday)

Tuesday, October 17th

9F – Continued notes on Biodiversity and Sustainability.  We will look at the impacts of Humans on Biodiversity tomorrow and complete an in class assignment on Natural vs. Artificial Ecosystems. No Homework.

9G – We looked at Natural and Artificial Ecosystems and how humans impact Biodiversity. Students have a quick lab to complete for homework tomorrow.