Tuesday, October 17th

9F – Continued notes on Biodiversity and Sustainability.  We will look at the impacts of Humans on Biodiversity tomorrow and complete an in class assignment on Natural vs. Artificial Ecosystems. No Homework.

9G – We looked at Natural and Artificial Ecosystems and how humans impact Biodiversity. Students have a quick lab to complete for homework tomorrow.


Wednesday, Oct. 11th

Science 9F and 9G – Students were passed back their Bubble Lab assignments and their Science Test.  Please put in a folder for January assessment.

We reviewed the Diversity Sleuth Lab and the topic of bias in sampling.  Students discussed various methods of their sampling in the past lab and we used that information to complete the next activity – That’s Random.  This activity is due tomorrow in class.  I will be doing a homework check and discussion, so please be prepared.

September 27th, 2017

Science 9G and 9F -Students have started Lesson 4 – How does Science Work? We are looking at the traditional model and a more modern version of the model for the scientific process. Students will be reading, scanning, and decoding an article called: Asteroids and Dinosaurs in groups, to see just how the scientific process works. They should realize that the scientific process in not a linear process, but one that can back and forth between sections to come up with good scientific Theories.

Please use the slideshow notes and outline to study for your quiz on Friday.  I will be taking questions the first few minutes of class before starting our jigsaw activity.

Monday, September 25th

Science 9F and 9G – Students are finishing up lesson 3 on “The Words of Science”. We are learning as a class that scientific theories ties together all the relevant facts, observations, laws and tested hypotheses.

Students will have a quiz on Friday, September 29th touching on the First three lessons in our Nature of Science Unit.  Please see my science page for unit notes and quiz outline for Friday.

Tuesday, September 19th

Science 9F  and 9G- Today we focused on the correct steps to scientific thinking.

Causal Question –> Hypothesis –> Test –> Prediction –> Conclusion

Students are practicing the correct way to form a hypothesis without “jumping to a conclusion”

Students have been given practice sheets to complete for homework.   Hypothesis Practice 18.1, 18.2 & 18.4.  Please have these completed before science tomorrow morning.  We will review these before starting your lab.